Did I….? You know I did! I could not resist pairing this with my Radial Workhorse. Very very excited to get this all set and try it on my session tomorrow with Chris from the Whisky Bandits



It’s been soooooo long since I’ve updated this page, just so many things I’ve been doing this summer, I kinda forgot to… oops. But here is something I want to show. I took a train across Canada with a bunch of musicians, here’s a sneak peak!


Fuzzy Boom Box Tones: 

One of my favourite challenges about sound engineering is problem solving. It seems that no matter how hard you try to prepare something always goes wrong, presenting the opportunity for a new path to an existing idea. Tan Y Yo and I have been working on a single and yesterday we needed a good fuzz sound for a guitar line. We didn’t have a pedal for that and fuck using a plugin, we could’ve rented from L&M but that would cost money, something we don’t have haha. So why not split his guitar signal send it through a pre overdriven into an 80’s boom box!! Blend that in with a slightly boosted and verbed signal…. voila! we developed an nice original fuzz tone. 

Looking forward for this release, check out some tunes here: Tan Y Yo


I went with my friend Jack Mercer to the railway club where he was opening for Austin Lucas, a musician from Indiana. I’ve seen Austin play in Seattle with one of my favourite songwriters Chuck Ragan and was excited to get another opportunity here in vancity. Something unique happened that night, the PA completely crapped out so Austin walked into the crowd and sang to us living room style.


Sean Amsing is in the studio these days working on a handful of songs, it’s been very exciting working with such a creative individual. Stay tuned for releases..

Check him out here:


I’ve been working with Tan Y Yo on a single and it’s coming along very well. We wanted to get some big drum sounds and decided to track at Boomtown Studios out in surrey with Tim “Boom Bap” Proznick on drums. Wow, what a nice room with reverb chambers and all, pretty sure we achieved what we wanted. 


Months back when this article Boo Hoo Broke Bands Quit Asking Charity was written by Michael Mann, Jack Mercer and myself had only one response…

If you want a T-Shirt, email BVS for a S, M, or L American Apparel black, minimum donation of $10 per shirt. Limited supply.

We are currently recording an album with Jack, check out his music HERE


Give a listen to this song recorded at BVS. It was mixed by Mark Makoway.

Photo Set


TShirt Designs! Thoughts? There can be only one!

Very YES!! I’m into top right. black words on white. aaaaand I want one stat

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Gettin those beats in the comp with Stand A Lord Complex, warm old school mpc sound, make it groove